Harry Peach

Computer Science student at Newcastle University.

Some of my projects


Python setuptools pip
A python package that generates collages of emojis based on an image input.


Java Android
Ciph is an android app to generate secure and memorable passwords. Based on a famous xkcd comic; the app generates passwords from a pool of random words making them easier to remember and providing higher entropy than traditional alternatives.


Switch JS HTML / CSS
A website to create boot images for the Nintendo Switch that resemble BIOS screens from early computers. Rewritten and improved from a project that provided a similar service for the Nintendo 3DS.


Switch C / C++ HTML / CSS
A port of the famous Chromium "Dino Game" to the Nintendo Switch. Written in Javascript, and some C code for launching the inbuilt browser on the device and making it load local files.

You can find most of my other projects on my GitHub page

Other information

Contact me

Email [email protected]
Telegram harrypeach

My GPG key

Most of my git commits and released binaries are signed with my GPG key. If you'd like to validate that anything I release truly came from me, you can download the public key below. The fingerprint is:

CFA0 FBC9 2E95 1DAF 8499 0A41 5A24 B165 D562 27F3  Public key